Dear Partner,

There’s an odd moment in the life of a company when you realize what your purpose as a company is. Not what your products are, but what your purpose is, which comes from realizing the use to which people put your products. For 21CC the realization came a few months ago that we’re more than a company that creates good and sometimes great e-learning modules, or helps to digitalize process manuals for large companies. We realized that we’re in the business of helping companies on-board large numbers of employees. Helping the employees understand their role in the company’s growth plans by mastering and understanding the nuts and bolts of their jobs is what we do. Helping employees understand why something matters is key to our approach. Helping employers and managers communicate their message in simple and direct terms, without losing the essence is what we do.

What we like doing is finding the best way to get the message across: in person, via e- or mobile learning. In order to create our content and to be most successful in getting the customers’ message across we’re constantly looking at new media to support that. We’ve started porting content to mobile and learnt that it involves recreating content from the ground on up. We’re seeing that gamification, when applied creatively and with a good story underpinning the game, can be a great tool. And we’re learning that many shorter, topic-specific modules can be better than longer modules.

We started 21CC because years ago we saw groups of men apply for jobs at a handling company in Chicago, and leaving within the month. Something about the way the recruitment and on-boarding of those men was done wasn’t working. Somebody needed to do a better job of helping those people make sense of their jobs. That’s what 21CC does.

Sanjay Tiwari