21CC is developing a general awareness course on Dangerous Goods, especially for the ASEAN market. The course is aimed at the non-drivers: office personnel, warehouse employees, loaders, fillers, unloaders, all people who have to deal with dangerous goods in their daily jobs.

General awareness, and some specific knowledge, is officially required for everybody dealing with dangerous goods, but non-driving employees are often overlooked when it comes to training. The new 21CC ADR General Awareness App makes it easy for everybody to become familiar with all the relevant topics in a gamified, user-friendly way.

Gamification has emerged over the past few years as an effective technique to engage learners through an immersive learning experience. In each of the e-learning modules, first the student is invited to learn about a topic, then that new knowledge is tested in a gamified environment. Twelve topics will be covered in the course, including the 9 Hazard Class signs, properties of dangerous goods, working with Table A, documentation, packaging and labelling, marking and placarding, theft and terrorism, and personal safety equipment. The first three of the twelve topics of the ADR General Awareness course will be available early 2018 for desktop, tablet and smartphone. Please contact us if you’d like to see a demo.