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Labour market developments and technology have a major impact on logistics. New technology is developing at lightning speed, especially in warehousing. However, professionals don’t always know how to work with new developments and implement new technologies. It is also difficult to find and retain good staff. These developments require different thinking, experimentation, social innovation, innovative education and cooperation between businesses, policy makers, educators and researchers. 21CC Education has partnered up with Sharehouse—the living lab for the future of working in warehouses—to create learning material of the future (digital, mobile and gamified).

Sharehouse is an innovative Warehousing Living Lab in the Netherlands where more than 20 partners (businesses, warehousing technology providers, educators and researchers) will share, learn and innovate together to tackle the most important challenges in the logistics sector, including technological, organisational and human issues. The physical living lab will be set up at the STC logistics school, which is located at Rotterdam’s Waalhaven. The STC Group is the education and training centre for shipping, transport and port industry. Their location on the harbour will host an advanced, sustainable warehouse environment with a social-human-technology lab, demonstration and practice rooms for students, companies and employees, and an inspirational meeting place. Along with what will happen at the physical location, innovation will take place in two other types of environments, namely social and digital. Inter-regional learning communities will be established, covering the fields of robotics, big data, skills of the future, new leadership, cooperation across the chain, sustainability, safety, and ethics. Sharehouse partners also plan to develop an advanced, online learning platform for educational institutions in the Netherlands.

As a stakeholder, 21CC Education will contribute to the warehouses of the future by pioneering, experimenting and promoting innovation, together with the other partners. We will help give direction to a truly innovative and impactful initiative based on our experience creating educational material for the logistics sector for over 7 years. Not only will we help research on such topics as the interaction between humans and technology, ethics and security, education and job market, and social innovation, but we will also help develop learning content that will enable future users to learn from the possibilities of future technology, and thus contribute towards sustainable, productive, state-of-the-art warehouse logistics and beyond.

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